Hot Dog Trivia

  • Americans eat 150 million hot dogs each 4th of July.

  • The summer months between Memorial Day and Labor Day continue to make up the “hot dog season.” Hot dog producers estimate that an average of 38 percent – or $614 million – of the total number of hot dogs are sold during this time. Ten percent of annual retail hot dog sales occur during July, which is designated as National Hot Dog Month. (July is also National Ice Cream month!)

  • Nathan’s sold over 400 million hot dogs in 2007.

  • The world's longest hot dog created was 20 m (65.6 feet] long.

  • Mickey Mouse's first spoken words were "Hot Dogs!".

  • In Argentina they are known as "panchos" and "superpanchos".

  • In Spain they are called perritos calientes, literally "hot small dogs.

  • The city of Huntington, WV hosts the annual West Virginia Hot Dog Festival.

  • A person in a "hot dog" suit can be seen racing around the field following the sixth inning of all Milwaukee Brewers home games. It competes against the other Klement's Racing Sausages, which also include an Italian sausage, bratwurst, and Polish sausage, and as of July 2006, chorizo.

  • Takeru Kobayashi is the world's fastest hot dog eater.  On July 4, 2006 he set a new record when he ate 53.75 in the same amount of time.

  • A meat market owner in DuBois, Pennsylvania created a peanut butter hot dog recipe at the suggestion of the mother of a seven-year-old customer. The popularity of this invention spread around via the internet, and now the town of DuBois is discussing a "peanut butter hot dog" festival.

  • Movie actress Marlene Dietrich (1902-1992) once said that hot dogs and champagne were her favorite meal.
  • It is said that the legendary baseball player Babe Ruth (1895-1948) once downed 24 hot dogs between games of a double header.

  • The National Hot Dog & Sausage Council, in its recommendations for proper Hot Dog Etiquette capitulate only slightly to the public’s general regard for ketchup, saying “Don’t use ketchup on your hot dog after the age of 18”.




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