Own a Bruster’s

Why Bruster’s

For more than 25 years Bruster’s has been a pioneer in the industry by making ice cream lovers happy one scoop at a time. Our mission is simple – provide more ice cream to more people in more places.The Bruster’s brand was built on the idea of EXCELLENCE and bringing on the RIGHT franchisees. A majority of entrepreneurs (just like you) make a conscious decision to become Bruster’s franchisees not only for their love of our ice cream, but for their PASSION FOR PEOPLE.

So, why Bruster’s? It’s not rocket science, it’s ice cream:

Focus on Sustainable Growth

  • –Driving sales–Evolving with consumer trends

  • –Protecting the integrity of our brand

  • –Generous territories: 6 miles or 75K population exclusive territory with the ability for satellite locations

  • –No renewal fees

  • –Privately owned brand … focus – just ice cream!

  • –Affordable investment options: Free-standing, inline, area developer opportunities and international master agreements

  • –Veteran discounts: 50% discount on franchise fees

  • –Ongoing franchisee training and support

Flexible Build-Out Options

Bruster’s offers two standard build-out options along with mobile trailers and concession carts to complement your store’s business.

Free-standing tn_whybrusters_standalone Inline tn_whybrusters_inline Mobile Units tn_whybrusters_mobile

World-Class Franchisee Support

Our mission is to understand your long-term and short-term goals, lock arms and guide you through the discovery process. During this process we take great pride in ensuring you have a thorough understanding of what it takes to own and operate your very own Bruster’s. From the beginning of your discovery process until the grand opening of your store (and beyond), the Bruster’s team is there to support you every step of the way.

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